Thursday, May 8, 2008

2008 Google Annual Stockholders Meeting

Living here in Silicon Valley, I had the fortunate opportunity to attend Google's annual stockholders meeting today.
Lunch for the stockholders in Charlie's Cafe was fantastic as you would guess.
Nice review of Google's strong position and directions by CEO Eric Schmidt.
Lots of questions and discussion from the audience on Google's efforts to deliver tools in China to balance preserving freedom of information, and at the same time meeting the government's requirements on restricted information when necessary.
I also asked a question about their priorities between revenue growth in China and maintaining Google's principles of information freedom, a strong paradox in that country.
Visit the website to hear the podcast of Eric, Sergey, and Larry discuss Google's position on these issues.
I have to say Google is very smart in doing the right thing, and it clearly shows in the great products and services.

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